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Defined Texture Hair Routine
Defined Texture Hair Routine

Dryness and frizz are a thing of the past with your new hair routine.

Your dream hair is just a step away! No matter if you spend 15 minutes or 1 hour on your hair, defined texture is possible. Ready to enhance your waves? Control frizz, boost hydration, and create the perfect air-dried texture without the crunch. Everyone's texture has different needs but there's always one thing that is the same for everyone. You need moisture! With this hydrating set, your waves will be bouncy and full of life. Most curl products just sit on the surface of your hair making it heavy and lifeless. This set focuses on products that your hair can absorb, setting your style up for success from the first step in the shower.

Defined Texture Hair Education

Did you know?

Curly hair is the weakest of all the hair textures. This is why this hair type usually experiences less shine and more frizz, which calls for more moisture.

Let's talk heat.

Did you know breakage and heat damage is most common in curly hair? If you have fine hair, your hair can only absorb so much heat before it begins to dry out leading to inconsistent curl patterns.

Defined Texture Hair Education
A Note From Jennifer

It’s my goal to make clean haircare easy – while showing kindness to the planet in the process.

At Hair by Jen, my goal isn’t just to create beautiful hair, but to give you a newfound sense of confidence while educating you on the importance of taking care of your hair between salon visits for long-lasting results.

I’ve always been passionate about being creative and expressing myself. I found that hair came naturally to me and I love helping people fall in love their natural beauty.

I offer in-salon hair color services in Charlotte, NC and haircare products for those seeking a natural look that’s both cruelty- free and earth-friendly.

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