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Fully Balanced Hair Routine
Fully Balanced Hair Routine

Say goodbye to the scalp issues. Balanced hair is just a step away!

Fight flakes and oil buildup, replenish moisture, and rejuvenate overall scalp health. The main cause of hair issues starts with your scalp. This routine helps fight imbalances that lead to recurring issues like dandruff, greasy hair and dry scalp. Rebalancing the pH of your scalp helps create softer, shinier and healthier hair. Your scalp is the foundation for the best hair possible. This routine helps create the perfect balance from roots to ends and can be used all year long or when problems start. Feel confident, stunning, and fresh – even after day 5 hair.

Fully Balanced Hair Education

Did you know?

There are two different types of dandruff: one is buildup from products and oils and usually is more of a yellowy flake. This other is from dry skin buildup and is white, having that "snowfall" kind of effect. Both are from a pH imbalance and can easily be removed by proper washing and hydration of the scalp.

Let's talk wash schedule.

Washing too often can lead to excess oil buildup. The more frequently you strip the natural moisture barrier off your scalp, the faster your scalp has to reproduce those oils. This is why the more frequently you wash, the more oils you have.

Fully Balanced Hair Education
A Note From Jennifer

It’s my goal to make clean haircare easy – while showing kindness to the planet in the process.

At Hair by Jen, my goal isn’t just to create beautiful hair, but to give you a newfound sense of confidence while educating you on the importance of taking care of your hair between salon visits for long-lasting results.

I’ve always been passionate about being creative and expressing myself. I found that hair came naturally to me and I love helping people fall in love their natural beauty.

I offer in-salon hair color services in Charlotte, NC and haircare products for those seeking a natural look that’s both cruelty- free and earth-friendly.

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