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Lush Hydration Hair Routine
Lush Hydration Hair Routine

Say hello, shiny & full hair. Dull, faded hair is a thing of the past!

Promote maximum shine, protect against color fade, and enjoy the perfect silky hair texture. Building silky and shiny hair starts from step 1, the shower. Using the right products can dramatically change how your hair performs over the next several days. This routine starts with the perfect set of shine-enhancing products designed to create softness and long-lasting vibrance. Having proper hydration not only makes your hair look amazing but it also helps promote healthy growth, prevents split ends, and can even make your hair look fuller. Feel confident, stunning, and fresh – even after day 5 hair.

Lush Hydration Hair Education

Did you know?

Sulfates cause color fading. It's a common ingredient added to help suds your products and remove oils, but in that process sulfates are also stripping your color from your hair.

Hair fading?

Did you know hot tools fade your color faster than washing does? The hotter your tool gets, the more the cuticle of your hair opens up, releasing color pigments – leading to fadage. Using a heat protectant prevents the cuticle from opening and guards your color.

Lush Hydration Hair Education
A Note From Jennifer

It’s my goal to make clean haircare easy – while showing kindness to the planet in the process.

At Hair by Jen, my goal isn’t just to create beautiful hair, but to give you a newfound sense of confidence while educating you on the importance of taking care of your hair between salon visits for long-lasting results.

I’ve always been passionate about being creative and expressing myself. I found that hair came naturally to me and I love helping people fall in love their natural beauty.

I offer in-salon hair color services in Charlotte, NC and haircare products for those seeking a natural look that’s both cruelty- free and earth-friendly.

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